How We Started

The Valley Players was founded by Roger and Ruth Marshall in 1983. They brought together a few interested people to do some play readings with the intent of eventually starting a drama group. The reading group continued to read plays for several months while discussions continued on the practical aspects of producing plays. Later in 1983, a one-act play titled The Trysting Place was produced and presented free to a seniors residence.

From that first production, the Valley Players continue to reach out to its audiences and its community with the same enthusiasm that was the catalyst in 1983.

Past Productions

Year Season Play Author Director Producer Stage Manager
2011 Spring EODL Entrant - Looking Norm Foster Brian McManus Peter Meyer Colleen Robillard
2010 Fall EODL One act festival - Harvest   Marianne Mullen Tove Hunding Tove Hunding
2010 Fall Almonte's Got Talent   Jeff Gourgon Christy Bindhardt, Peter Meyer Colleen Robillard
2010 Spring The Almonte Radio Show Catherine Clarke/Jennifer Pfitzer Catherine Clarke Jennifer Pfitzer/Barbara Dickson/Peter Meyer Barbara Dickson
2009 Fall EODL One act festival - Ladies of the Mop   Marianne Mullen Sara Cochrane Sara Cochrane
2009 Fall Fiberfest - Quilting Pieces   Bronwyn Steinberg Barb Dickson Barb Dickson
2009 Spring Youth Troupe - Rumpled Beauty   Tracy Julian   Barb Dickson
2009 Winter One Acts - Sganarelle and The Flying Doctor Moliere Tony Scott Tracy Julian and Kim Curran Barb Dickson
2008 Spring Les Belles Soeurs Michel Tremblay Catherine Clark Catherine Clark Shelley Smith
2007 Fall Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus Andrew J. Fenady Tracy Julian Tracy Julian  
2007 Spring Self-Help Norm Foster Kim Curran and Tracy Julian Kim Curran and Tracy Julian Barb Dickson
2006 Spring The Foursome Norm Foster Brian McManus Christy Bindhardt Colleen Robillard
2005 Fall Lone Star Love Potion Michael Parker Will Richardson Bill Waterhouse Colleen Robillard
2005 Summer Hook’s Revenge        
2005 Spring Out of Order Ray Cooney Mike Dalton and Paul Helm Christy Bindhardt and Jennifer Pfizer Christy Bindhardt
2004 Fall On Golden Pond Ernest Thompson Mike Dalton and Colleen Robillard Marla Cockrell Christy Bindhardt
2004 Summer Cinders - The Panto        
2004 Spring Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak Norm Foster Mike Madore and Sandi Madore Glenda Jones Emma Beaton
2003 Fall Our Town Thornton  Wilder Mike Dalton and Art Solomonian Christy Bindhardt Colleen Robillard
2003 Spring Harvey Mary Chase Kim Curran and Tracy Julian Colleen Robillard Joe Bellemore
2002 Fall Busy Body Jack Popplewill Derek Shelly and Carolyn Latour Glenda Jones Candide Herbert, Colleen Robillard
2002 Spring Lend me a Tenor Kenneth Ludwig Wendy Shaw and Kim Julian Terry Caron Christy Bindhardt
2001 Fall Arsenic and Old Lace Joseph Kesselring Art Solomonian and Mike Dalton Terry Caron Colleen Robillard
2001 Spring Barefoot in the Park Neil Simon Joe Bellemore and Terry Caron Glenda Jones Peter Jones
2001 Winter The Ulitmate Soultion Leslie A. Lawson      
2000 Fall A Gift to Last Alden Nowlan and Walter Learning Sandi Madore Terry Caron Art Solomonian
2000 Spring You Can’t Take It With You Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman Mike Madore and Kelly Williams Mike Dalton Natalie Millett, Terry Caron
2000 Winter A Valentine Showcase Fiasco Leslie A. Lawson      
1999 Fall Bedside Manners Derek Benfield Joe Bellemore and Leslie Lawson Glenda Jones Megan Scally
1999 Spring It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Tim Kelly Kim Julian and Debbie Roi Terry Caron Art Solomonian
1998 Fall Ravenscroft Don Nigro Stand Madore and Bernie Madore Ian McBain Ian McBain
1998 Spring An Unexpected Guest Agatha Christie Sandi Madore Glenda Jones Barbara Robertson
1997 Fall Don’t Dress for Dinner Marc Camoletti Tracy Shaw Glenda Jones Wendy Shaw, Jennifer Thomson
1997 Spring Honestly Now Jack Sharkey Mike Madore Debbie Roi Ian McBain
1996 Fall Steel Magnolias Robert Harding Brian MsManus Jennifer Thomson Terry Caron
1996 Spring Garrison’s Garage Ted Johns Cathy Younger-Lewis   Natalie Millett
1995 Fall There Goes the Bride Ray Cooney and John Chapman Bernie Madore   Terry Caron
1995 Spring One Toe In The Grave Jack Sharkey Wendy Shaw   Muriel Fitzgerald,Ian McBain
1994 Fall Post Mortem Ken Ludwig Julie Johnson   Jamie Ferris
1994 Spring Lend Me A Tenor Ken Ludwig Wendy Shaw   Muriel Fitzgerald
1993 Fall Rumours Neil Simon Brian McManus   Stan Madore
1993 Spring Run for Your Wife Ray Cooney Bernie Madore   Terry Caron
1992 Fall No Sex, Please We’re British Anthony Marriott and Alistair Foot Wendy Shaw   Erica Nel
1992 Spring I’ll Be Back Before Midnight Peter Colley Terry Caron   Linda Meier
1991 Fall Chase Me,Comrade Ray Cooney Wendy Shaw Linda Meier Muriel Fitzgerald
1991 Summer Big Bad Wolf        
1991 Spring Not Now,Darling Ray Cooney and John Chapman Bernie Madore Terry Caron Terry Caron
1990 Fall Pajama Tops Mawby Green and Ed Feilbert Pat Matheson Muriel Fitsgerald Cathy Younger-Lewis
1990 Summer Strife Faces Jan        
1990 Spring Dead Man’s Hand Seymour Matthews Wendy Shaw Pat Matheson Art Solomonian
1989 Fall The Odd Couple ( female version) Neil Simon. Stan Madore Terry Caron Terry Caron
1989 Spring The Best Laid Plans Fred Carmichael Wendy Shaw Muriel Fitzgerald Muriel Fitzgerald
1988 Fall Exit the Body Fred Carmichael Stan Madore and Pat Matheson Terry Caron Terry Caron
1988 Spring High Ground Charlotte Hastings Ruth Marshall Ian Matheson Ian Matheson
1987 Fall Plaza Suite Neil Simon Les Mclaughlin Terry Caron Terry Caron
1987 Summer An Inspector Answers Norman Hart Stand Madore and Wendy Shaw  
1987 Spring Laburnum Grove J.B. Priestley Suzanne Andrews Terry Caron and Pat Matheson Terry Caron
1986 Fall Alphabetical Order Michael Frayn Elizabeth Goddard   Terry Caron
1986 Spring Mornings at Seven Paul Osborn Elizabeth (Libby) Goddard and Stan Madore Roger Marshall Terry Caron
1985 Fall My Three Angels Sam and Bella Spewack Ruth Marshall   Stan Madore
1985 Spring The Mouse Trap Agatha Christie Roger Marshall   Elizabeth Marsh
1984 Fall The White Sheep of the Family L. duGarde Peach and Ian Hay Stan Madore Brian McManus  
1984 Spring Look Who’s Laughing John Rendall Stan Madore Ingrid Hamster  
1983 Fall The Trysting Place Booth Tarkington Ruth Marshall Ingrid Hamster  

Past Presidents

2008-2009 Tracy Julian
2007-2008 Tracy Julian
2006-2007 Mike Dalton
2005-2006 Jennifer Pfizer
2004-2005 Jennifer Pfizer
2003-2004 Art Solomonian
2002-2003 Mike Dalton
2001-2002 Mike Dalton
2000-2001 Mike Dalton
1999-2000 Mike Dalton
1998-1999 Brian McManus
1997-1998 Brian McManus
1996-1997 Terry Caron
1995-1996 Terry Caron
1994-1995 Wendy Shaw
1993-1994 Wendy Shaw
1992-1993 Kim Julian
1991-1992 Kim Julian
1990-1991 Kim Julian
1989-1990 Stan Madore
1988-1989 Stan Madore
1987-1988 Gill Goddard
1986-1987 Gill Goddard
1985-1986 Roger Marshall
1984-1985 Roger Marshall
1983-1984 Roger Marshall (Founder)