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Question for the Membership

    We are looking for your thoughts and opinions.

    The objectives of Valley Players (as written into its by-laws) include:

    • conducting play-readings and other workshops for the interest, enjoyment and education of all Members of the Corporation and the public at large
    • provide healthy recreation to the public at large by:staging a variety of plays and other similar types of entertainments to provide an opportunity for the public at large to participate as a member of the production or as a member of the audience;

    Given that the organisation has gone into a hiatus due to a lack of proposals from the membership, how do your perceive the future of the Valley Players? Your thoughts please!!

    We have posted this question on our Valley Players of Almonte Facebook page. Please post your thought there or email us back at: info@valleyplayers.ca

Announcement: 2013-2014 Executive Selected

    The Valley Players held their annual general meeting at the Mississippi Mills Textile Museum on Wednesday June 12th, 2013. At this meeting, it was decided that the Valley Players would continue for another year and evaluate its position in December 2013.
    It is felt that the key challenge faced by the Valley Players is in the decline of directors willing to lead a production. It is also felt that we do have a great volunteers base that do come forward if a production idea is put out to the community.
    The current mandate and structure of the Valley Player executive is set up to support, enable and finance individual and groups wishing to put on a performance. The new executive will be focusing on raising awareness in the community about the Valley Players and assisting the production team of "Marion Bridges" with the promotion of this performance. Please welcome:

    • Peter Meyer - President
    • Laurie Dickson - Vice President
    • Catherine Clark - Treasurer
    • Lesley Moll - Secretary